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Four historico-ideological theories about the origin of the current war in Ukraine

Four historico-ideological theories about the origin of the current war in Ukraine

A boy’s obsession with football in the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia

Capital as a historic concept

Die Karl Marx Frage

Disciplining workers in a workers’ state

Western money and Eastern promises

Reframing the world

Memories of my World Cups

Leandro Prados on the Augmented Human Development Index

Let’s go back to mercantilism and trade blocs!

What are the primary goods?

Is liberal democracy part of human development?

Reading David Ricardo’s letters

A Century Ago

What is a paleo-left agenda?

A politician who did not want to rule

Why was the Soviet Union created?

Socialism with Chinese characteristics for the young person

In the footsteps of Mr. Nye-Powell: inequity and creativity*

Interpreting or misinterpreting China’s success

On import substitution, Fukuyama, eternal growth and more


The rule of nihilists

Chateaubriand and inequality: two centuries later

China’s household incomes and inequality in the Year I of covid

A short essay on the differences between Marx and Keynes

The Ancient World and our world:

The last (effortless) rulers of the world

What if Putin's true goals are different?

The road from dilettantism to war

The many in one

First IMF report issued after the nuclear war

The novelty of technologically regressive import substitution

The lessons and implications of seizing Russian oligarchs' assets

Ibn Khaldoun and Nikolay Trubetskoy

The evolution of Karl Marx

The war for democracy and peace

Russia's long-term economic prospects

Russia’s economic prospects: the short-run

Imperialism and World War I

Marxism as religion: a personal recollection

The end of the end of history

Counterrevolution or the long NEP?

How modern bombings look

Putin’s Century of Betrayal speech

The unexpected immortality of Karl Marx

What is the just pay?

Distinguishing post-communist privatizations from the Big Bang

Russia’s circular economic history?

Free trade and war

Capital: The eruption of Delhi

“The most important relationship”

Trotsky on the class structure of Soviet socialism

The “deep state” as a tool for redistribution of income in favor of the rich

Schumpeter’s two theories of imperialism

Should some countries cease to exist?