Sitemap - 2021 - Global Inequality and More 3.0

Political Decay in Our Time

A Grand Fresco: The Origins of Political Order

Why it is not the crisis of capitalism

The Summit of Democracies is a wrong idea (for the world)

Pontius Pilate: the first Christian?

Inheritance, marriage and swindle: the three ways to the top

One multiethnic state on the ruins of another

Through the glass, darkly

Socialist enterprise power structure and the soft-budget constraint

Will social democracy return?

The illusion of “degrowth” in a poor and unequal world

Climate change, covid and global inequality

The long shadow of 1989

What is wealth?

Dining with Stalin

Was novel born and died with the bourgeois society?

Ricardo, Marx, and interpersonal inequality

1-1/2 Adam Smiths

Portrait of the philosopher as a young man

Pro-equality turn in China and the United States?

The influence of the Soviet economic model and the lessons for China

How the war was won

Responding to the challenge of modernization

The perverse seductiveness of Fernando Pessoa

Notes on global income inequality: A non-technical summary

Disarticulation goes North

Can globalization be “improved”?

Nobody's war

Limits to autocracy

Capital gains

Why were the Balkans underdeveloped? A geographical hypothesis

Adam Smith: is democracy always better for the poor?

The importance of Taleb’s system

The unknown Tocqueville in America

Trotsky after Kolakowski

The long NEP, China and Xi

Will bourgeoisie ever rule the Chinese state?

The aloofness of Pax Sinica

How China escaped, and Eastern Europe was felled by, the Volcker shock

Is Norway the new East India Company?

The origins of the Great Divergence

Poverty of vision of “liberal interventionists”

The Excellent Empire or the Prison of the Peoples?

On luxury

Towards global progressiveness

The Americas, armed trade and cheap energy

Formal and actual similarities between climate change and global inequality, and suboptimality of the nation-state

Inevitability of the Need for Economic Growth—the n-th time

Degrowth: solving the impasse by magical thinking

Ban this book!

Globalists: Neoliberals in search of terrestrial empire

From welfare in one country to global poverty alleviation...and now where?

All our needs are social

Capital gains

On several Marxist themes in “Capitalism, Alone”

"Capitalism, Alone": Four important--but somewhat hidden--themes

“I won’t go to Moscow until the revolution triumphs”

The social and geopolitical origins of China’s rise

Hollywood meets Asia

Can corruption be good for growth?

Marx in Amerika

Kleptocracy and kakistocracy in the 1990s Russia

Did post-Marxist theories destroy Communist regimes?

How China became a market economy

Democracy or dictatorship: which works better?

Dining alone…in a hyper-competitive world

The shipwrecks of the 20th century

Democracy of convenience, not of choice: why is Eastern Europe different

The real stakes behind the FIFA scandal

Habermas and pimps

What is the just pay?

Is citizenship just a rent?

Why inequality matters?

Economic reflections on the Fall of Constantinople

Global inequality and More 3.0