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Of course, the biggest elephant in the room, make that the elephant in the Volkswagen, is population growth. It doesn't make for pleasant dinner conversation, but it is true all the same. Fortunately, the two most effective (and ethical) ways to reduce overpopulation are 1) female empowerment, and 2) poverty reduction. No coercion needed. Let the planetary healing begin!

Degrowth, however, would of course vitiate the latter, while the former is currently at risk from regressive political and religious ideologies including in the USA now.

To really move into post-capitalism, we need to humanely euthanize capitalism by giving it the ONE thing it truly cannot survive--ABUNDANCE. Whereas degrowth (simply a warmed-over form of austerity in ecological drag) in contrast would only further entrench capitalism, impoverish the working class, and we would be permanently stuck in a bad place and STILL end up destroying the Earth.

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