Fukuyama got it wrong because he butchered Hegel's method. Yes, Hegel himself predicted "the end of history", but that prediction itself is self contradictory for anyone who managed to get through his horrible language :). And especially for those, who made it to the Science of Logic, which is much better and simpler than Phenomenology. Because it is quite obvious that the thesis - antithesis - synthesis never stops in any living system, hence it would be stupid (yes, I dare to call Fukuyama stupid) to expect an end of history unless you expect the end of humanity.

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You're a theorist not a historian. You rationalize from what you know. Rationalism by definition is low-information rationality.

"We will never achieve enough because the human desire for “betterment”, as Adam Smith called it, has no limits. If we had a limited appetite for all things, we could imagine a stationary society. But our needs are not physiological; they are socially-determined."

Yes they're socially determined, which is why Smith and Goethe—are the creatures of their time.

Determinism doesn't need your fantasies.

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Excelente Branko, eres uno de los mejores 💪

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